Foreign Element in Conflict of Laws

By Atty. Melissa Romana Suarez (lecture) – So it is not something you are unfamiliar with. Other than that, cases most of them you have already encountered. Civil Procedure, Persons, and other Civil Law subjects. I have high expectation from you. Normally nobody fails in this class. Maybe two years ago, one or two.
What is conflict of laws all about? When you talk about conflict of laws this is not the same as public international law where we discuss different foreign laws or foreign treaties. But when we talk about this subject, there is always a foreign element. When we talk about foreign element, it could be a foreign law. But we will not go into the substance of the foreign law. Or a foreigner, one of the parties is a foreigner. The contract is entered in a foreign country. Particular event which is the subject of the case happened in a foreign country. That is why we are going to discuss the basic topics:

  1. Jurisdiction;
  2. Choice of law;
  3. What are we going to do with the foreign judgment if the foreign judgment is brought in the

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